Meet the Staff...


Spencer Reeves - General Manager/Instructor

Spencer Reeves is a manager and Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt Instructor at Boone Docks MMA. Spencer began Jiu Jitsu in 2012, training with a blue belt friend and eventually moved up to an MMA school in Tennessee where he was able to train on weekends and occasionally during the week.  After training with the App State Jiu Jitsu club and meeting a bluebelt from a school near Boone, Spencer began to train under Professor Jeff Cope from Ground Control BJJ in Winston-Salem, NC.  It was under Professor Cope that he was awarded his blue belt, and given the honor of running Jeff’s affiliate school, Boone Docks MMA.  Spencer has coached multiple competitors to gold medals, notably, at Grapplemania 2015 where the team swept 3 divisions in nogi. Spencer has been the head BJJ coach at Boone Docks MMA for a year and has, at a minimum, podiumed at every tournament he has competed in.  Spencer’s goals for the program are to instill the passion for Jiu Jitsu that he has into every student and to maintain a playful and safe learning environment.  Whether a student’s goals are to learn self-defense, compete, or fight MMA, our Jiu Jitsu program has something for everyone!

Professor Jeff Cope - Black Belt Affiliate Instructor, Owner and operator of Ground Control BJJ Winston Salem, NC

Jeff Cope graciously travels to the mountains for siminars at Boone Docks MMA every other Thursday.  His lineage- Jigoro Kano > Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Rilion Gracie > Marcelo Araujo > Jeff Cope.  Cope has been training almost 11 years. He has been with Marcelo Araujo for 7 years going on 8. Triangles & foot locks are his best moves. & he loves BJJ!

Christian Gray - Muay Thai Instructor

Muay Thai coach Christian Gray has been involved in the martial art for the last 8 years, and has been teaching for the last 4. Christian has a traditional style of Muay Thai due to his coach Matt Coleman and himself being trained by several Thai’s over the years including Joe Hongthongnoi who owns Hongthong Muay Thai, Sittisak who holds wins over Americans Kevin Ross and Chris Mauceri, and Master Cha who owns Thai Top Team USA. Christians style focuses a lot on kicks, knees, and trips.

Jim Heaton - Black Belt

Judo Instructor