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Meet Doc Hendley


      Doc Hendley is co-owner of Boone Docks Studios and Director of Boone Docks Mixed Martial Arts. He is also President and Founder of the organization Wine To Water and is also a professional public speaker and Harley enthusiast.


      In 2003, Doc dreamed up the concept of his organization while bartending and playing music in nightclubs around Raleigh, NC. In February 2004, the first fundraiser was held for what would one day be Wine To Water and by August of that same year Doc was living in Darfur, Sudan installing water systems for victims of the government supported genocide. Putting his life in peril, along with those on his team who were committed to providing clean water for the world, two of which were killed during this period, Doc returned home with an even stronger sense of the need of clean water around the globe.


      In 2014, Doc decided to follow his other passion.  He opened Boone Docks MMA, a mixed martial arts studio.  It was opened in the warehouse that his wife, Amber was using for her dance studio, High Country Dance Studio.   He opened it with his children and the community of Boone at the backbone.  He wanted a fun place for his sons to learn and interact with other kids their age.  It also is a way for Doc to give back to the community and provide a safe haven for kids to exercise and put their energy to good use.

Doc lives in Boone, NC with his wife, Amber, and three children.  Balancing family life and the demands of Wine to Water and Boone Docks MMA, Doc Hendley continues to travel to underdeveloped, war-ridden nations, working in the field to bring clean water to those in need while also giving back to the local Boone community.




Meet Amber Hendley


      Amber Hendley is the co-owner of Boone Docks Studios and Director of the High Country Dance Studio formerly know as the High Country Cloggers. Born and raised in Boone, Amber developed an early passion for clogging in her mother’s dance studio that was home of the Shadrack Shufflers, a competitive clogging team. As she was growing up, Amber spent most of her time in the studio and as she got older her skills excelled. After graduating from high school, Amber following her dreams and tried out for the number one clogging team in the nation the Bailey Mountain Cloggers at Mars Hill College. She did so well in auditions she landed a full ride clogging scholarship.


      Amber graduated from Mars Hill with a degree in therapeutic recreation and moved to Charlotte to pursue a career working with abused children. After working in Charlotte for a while, Amber returned to Boone for the weekend where she met her soon to be husband, Doc Hendley. She decided to move back to Boone where she started work at the hospital, married Doc, and continued her career in dancing at her mother’s studio. In 1996, Amber took over running the dance studio as she continued to expand the program to include different varieties of dance.


       Amber currently resides in Boone with Doc and her three children and continues to run the High Country Dance Studio in their new location on Boon Dock Street. Amber is a huge advocate of giving back to the community and hopes to make a difference in the lives of the locals in and around Boone.



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